Barrel Bands

The Gentry Barrel Band mounts the sling swivel stud on the barrel for that classic look, while leaving more room for the shooter’s forward hand. The outside diameter features a double contour to blend perfectly with no sharp edges to catch or snag. The inside dimension is bored but not tapered, allowing the installer to fine tune the barrel band’s location while matching the contour of the barrel.

Finishes available:Barrel_Bands_375x300

Standard blued finish ($60.00)
Matte blued finish ($60.00)
Stainless steel with a bead blasted finish ($75.00)

Sizes available*:

0.660″ (16.7 mm) inside diameter
0.690″ (17.5 mm) inside diameter
0.720″ (18.2 mm) inside diameter
0.750″ (19.0 mm) inside diameter
0.780″ (19.6 mm) inside diameter
0.810″ (20.5 mm) inside diameter
0.840″ (21.3 mm) inside diameter
0.870″ (22.1 mm) inside diameter

* Stainless is not available in all sizes

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20% restocking fee. No returns after 30 days.
Prices subject to change without notice
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Customers will be called when work is completed. Firearms not picked up within 30 days of call may be assessed a storage fee. If the firearm is not picked up within 90 days from completion date call the firearm will be considered abandoned and will become property of Gentry Custom LLC unless other arrangements have been made.