Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which shipping agent should I use?
A: You can use UPS, FedEx,  or USPS. We get all three delivered here. Use the one that works best for you.

Q: How can I removed the Quiet Muzzle Brake from my barrel?
A: Please note that the gas port holes on the Quiet Muzzle Brake are at an angle. YOU CAN NOT use a punch to remove it. If you try to remove the brake this way the muzzle brake and the crown of the barrel will be damaged.
Use a shop towel to protect the Quiet Muzzle Brake and a pair of pliers. Turn the brake to the left to loosen. When you hear a snap you can now remove the brake by hand.

Q: How is the Quiet Muzzle Brake different from the others?
A: The gas port holes on the Quiet Muzzle Brake are angled toward the muzzle. The hot gas and noise is directed down range away from the shooters ear, so you do not get the hot gas and noise in your face.

Q: Can I ship my rifle directly to you for work?
A: Yes you can ship your rifle directly to us and we can return. There is no buying or selling involved.

Q: How much recoil does the Gentry Quiet Muzzle Brake reduce?
A: The actual amount of recoil reduced varies depending on many different factors (cartridge, amount of gas created, bullet weight, etc) but the overall reduction can be as large as 85%.

Cartridge with QMB Installed

  • 375 H & H (feels like 30-06)
  • 338 Winchester Mag (feels like 270 Win)
  • 300 Winchester Mag (feels like 243)
  • 7mm Remington Mag (feels like 243)