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Gentry Custom Products

Have an expert gunsmith install any of these items on your rifle. For commonly asked questions please read our FAQ for more information or call at (406) 388-4867



Quite Muzzle Brakes

Gentry Quiet Muzzle Breaks

The Gentry Quiet Muzzle Brake reduces recoil up to 85% while directing noise and gas away from the shooter


3-Position Safeties

Gentry Quiet 3 position safeties

The Gentry 3-Position Safety is the most reliable and user friendly rifle safety switch on the market


Barrel Bands

Gentry Custom Rifle Bands

The Gentry Barrel Band mounts the sling swivel stud on the barrel for that classic look, while leaving more room for the shooter’shand


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Gentry Quiet Muzzle Brake

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